Chuck: “We already have more than a dozen songs for album no.5!”

Journal de Montreal did a short email interview with Sebastien and Chuck from Simple Plan recently, in which the boys discussed their new EP, the process of writing songs for album #5 and when it could be released. Check out the English translation of it below (or the original French article here):

JdM: Why have you decided to release this mini-album, “Get Your Heart On – The Second Coming!” now?

Chuck: It was important to give our fans new songs for the time that they have to wait, while we prepare our fifth album. We do long tours and we take a lot of time off to write our albums, so this is a way to offer something new in a format that we have never used before.

JdM: Where are you in the process of creating the 5th album? Will it be musically in the same vein as Get Your Heart On?

Chuck:: We started writing about a month ago and we already have more than a dozen songs. However, we intend to compose for the next six to eight months and write the best possible songs in order to push ourselves to write the best album possible. Musically, we are not certain yet, but GYHO would definitely be a good direction. The fans loved that album.

JdM: Is there a possible release date?

Seb: The official release date is: as soon as possible! But surely the end of 2014 or early 2015.

JdM: After ten years, what are the challenges that a band will face to keep its popularity in a highly competitive industry?

Seb: In fact, it’s the challenge itself. To stay. The music is consumed quickly nowadays. We want to continue to offer good songs, and also not do what everyone else does.

JdM: Does the popularity of electronic music give you the desire to integrate it into your music?

Chuck: We tried to do it with our third album in 2008 and it was an interesting experience. It is a style that can influence us, but we really love melodic rock music.

Seb: The styles of music and their popularity comes in waves. When we released our first album, boy bands were in the lead. Then there was a little more rock. And a one or two years ago everything was all about dance and club music. It is already beginning to change. We must think about the future of the music rather than doing what is “in” right now.

JdM: Will we be able to see you on stage in 2014? A return to Festival d’été de Québec maybe?

Seb: We don’t know yet! We want to work as much as possible on the next album and not to delay its release. But there are some invitations that are hard to refuse. “