FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Patrick?

Patrick was a webmaster of the official website of SP, their best friend even from the school times, photographer, cameraman, producer of the DVD, co-owner of Role Model Clothing (with Pierre and Chuck), and Seb’s colleague on their radio show Man Of The Hour. After working for SP, Patrick started working for MusiquePlus as a videojournalist and he is currently employed at Tele V as a social media journalist. Pat doesn’t tour with Simple Plan anymore, but he sometimes shows up at some special local Simple Plan events.

In which programme do you make graphics?

I use Adobe Photoshop CS2.

What music genre are SP?

Simple Plan don’t like being sorted in music categories. Each of their CDs is different. The first one is more pop-punkish, the second is a more rockish album, the third one is kind of a completely undefinable, as it includes many different styles and the 4th one is a return to the sound of the first and second album.

When will Simple Plan come to *add your city/country*?

In case there are any rumors or not very specific plans of them coming to a certain area, I may post about it in the news section, but only in a form of a rumor. When it is 100% sure that they are coming to a certain area, you will find all the upcoming tourdates here.

How can I meet Simple Plan?

Simple Plan are a very easy-to-meet kind of band. Basically – if you WANT to meet them and they are in your area, you can almost always meet them. The guys always come out after shows to hang out with fans and sometimes you may even bump into them before the show – around the venue or in the city they are at. You can also attend various autograph sessions, tapings of TV/radio shows etc. where you can also easily meet them. Another way of meeting them is by joining the official fanclub – SP Crew – which gives you a chance to attend the “soundcheck party” before a Simple Plan show. There you can see the guys rehearse and later get some stuff signed and take pictures with them.