Simple Plan to start working on new album early 2018!

With Simple Plan’s No Pads tour slowly coming to its end and only a with the band having only a few more places to visit it with this year, the question of “what’s next” has been on many journalists’ minds lately. And lucky for us, the guys keep giving quite a promising answer to that question. According to a recent interview with Jeff, the band is ready to start working on a new record just as soon as their schedule clears after this year’s touring – that means the guys might start writing as early as January 2018.

Read what exactly Jeff said about the new album-making process and all the challenges that come with it in last week’s interview for Purdue University [you can listen to the full interview here]:

Interviewer: So, […] what’s in the future for you guys?
Jeff: “Well, you know, we’re gonna stop celebrating… [15 years of 1st album] cause it’s been a full year of celebrating. I think we’ve had enough of that. So, yeah, we’re gonna do like a few more shows around Japan, Mexico… and we’re gonna finish the year, you know, in good places. And then we’re gonna start making a new record! We’re gonna start working on new music. And yeah, I mean every time it’s a bit of a challenge. It’s like.. what is Simple Plan capable of achieving next? And can we stretch the boundaries of what people think and know about Simple Plan? How do you make the Simple Plan sound sound current in 2017, 2018 and 2019? So, those are all challenges that we’re gonna work on, you know, during the next year. But it’s exciting to be getting into a new record. And the goal is just to get out there, finish the record and start touring as quickly as possible.”

– Jeff Stinco –

Meanwhile, Sebastien has pretty much confirmed the same in the interview for The Charlatan.

Even though this is obviously very good news, let’s not make assumptions that the band will also release their new album next year. Simple Plan usually tend to take their time writing songs and song-writing is usually the longest part of their album-making process, as they do not like to write on the road while touring. Realistically speaking, recording and post-production included, we could be looking into 2019 as a release year for the next record. However, the band members have previously been quoted many times that they want to hurry up with this record more than ever before, so who knows… they might just surprise us. :)