Simple Plan working with 3OH!3 on next album!

Yes, it is April 1st, but this is not an April Fool’s joke, I swear. The header is though, so enjoy that while it lasts :)

Sean Foreman, who along with his friend Nathaniel Motte form the duo 3OH!3, surprised both the 3OH!3 fans and also the Simple Plan fans yesterday, when he posted a brand new picture on his Instagram, taken in Chuck Comeau’s home studio. The picture clearly shows Nathaniel Motte with Pierre Bouvier working together on some new Simple Plan tracks for their upcoming album.

Check out the picture below:

3OH!3 are an American electropop duo formed in 2004, who are mostly known for such hits as “Don’t Trust Me”, “Starstrukk” and “My First Kiss” and have previously collaborated with artists like Kesha or Katy Perry.