The reviews are in: media comment on Simple Plan’s new song “Boom”

It’s already been a few days since Simple Plan released their “zero single” Boom and its accompanying music video and various online media outlets have already taken to review this new track in their posts.

While searching for the reviews, I’ve noticed that most sources that posted about the song, mostly highlighted only the number of cameos in the music video without much comments regarding the song itself, however that is common for most news websites, in their attempt to stay neutral.

And while there is not as many reviews of the song as we’d normally get, due to the fact that the song has been around for almost a year after Simple Plan played it numerous times acoustically before, here’s a collection of the reviews that commented on the newly released studio version of “Boom”.

Let’s start with the negative reviews. While Simple Plan have never been music critics’ favorites, it’s interesting that out of all the reviews I could find, only one was explicitly negative – even the forums have been rather neutral or in between negative and positive [see here], which is nice for a change. The negative review came from, noting that the song has a “cringe-worthy hook“, “lacks originality” as the band “recycled old concepts and added a heavier mainstream sound to try keep it fresh.”

Moving on to the more neutral reviews, Random Paper Notes calls SP’s new song “pretty decent”, also mentioning that Simple Plan must be an inspiration to 5 Seconds Of Summer. The connection between 5 Seconds Of Summer and Simple Plan has also been made in the review by, which states that the song “suggests that Simple Plan not only want to regain their place in the industry, but that its members want to compete with other pop bands of their kind currently on the market.” And finally, Boom also apparantly eventually grew on the reviewer at Confront Magazine.

And finally let’s get to the positive reviews, which seem to be predominant. Alternative Press recently filed “Boom” under “12 songs you need to hear from August 2015” and called it “catchy—bore-its-way-into-your-brain-like-a-power-drill catchy” and “a true return to form for the band—and not just because there are gushy lyrics like this: “You still make my crazy little heart go boom”, while also mentioning that “Simple Plan have finally done it: made the most Simple Plan song ever.” The already mentioned catchiness of the song tends to be the most common aspect of a lot of the positive reviews of “Boom”: Pertaining To Punk for example calls it “incredibly catchy and full of energy”, then finds it “ridiculously addictive” and calls it a “sweet love song to carry you through the rest of 2015.” The song also apparently made an impression on Josep Vianaixa, who named it an “energetic old-school punk pop song and say “Simple Plan is back with a bang!” And finally, I’d like to add one Czech review by, according to which the song “carries a classic pop-rock atmosphere and thanks to a simple straightforward hook has a very decent chance to succeed.”

Overall the reviews both from the media and from the fans on the other side seem to be rather positive, which is great news for the upcoming Simple Plan album. Make sure to leave a comment down below letting me know what YOUR thoughts on “Boom” are!