WATCH: Pierre perfoms preview of the new song “The Antidote” for the first time

Last night, Simple Plan and Papa Roach hosted a TikTok Live, where in the pre-recorded session, the two bands (Simple Plan represented by Pierre on stage and Chuck fangirling in the crowd), performed a few songs from each of the bands’ catalogues. We will delve into the content of the entire stream in our next post, but in this one we want to highlight the main surprise of the stream and that is the first preview of the brand new Simple Plan song “The Antidote”, which is coming out on November 5th.

Pierre decided to treat the fans listening in by singing one verse and the entire chorus of “The Antidote” live. And if you missed it, thanks to our reader Lora who managed to capture it on video, you can now listen to it too. Not to mention you can also already sing along. Under the video you can find the lyrics of the already revealed preview of the song:

Caught up in a life that I wish I could erase
I wanna disappear, wanna leave without a trace
I’m looking in the mirror but I can’t see through the pain
So I take another pill and I hope it goes away

Cause my broken pieces
Don’t fit in

Everytime I feel alone
Like the walls are caving in,
Like I never win,
Like it’s crawling under my skin
You’re the antidote
And even when it hurts the most
And I’m trying to find a way
But there’s no escape
Like a poison feel in my veins
You’re the antidote
You’re the antidote
You’re the antidote

In the stream, Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach asked Pierre what inspired the song. This is what Pierre said about the song’s meaning:

“We were just thinking about how, sometimes our fans talk to us through the years and saying how much music means so much to them and you realize how much people struggle with different things in life. And when you find something – for some of our fans it’s been our music, for some people it’s like finding a relationship, finding someone you love, finding something that can help you get through, you know.. that becomes your antidote. So the song’s about just having a really hard time. You know, for me I think about my wife and kids and that’s my antidote, that’s what makes it all make sense!

– Pierre Bouvier [live on TikTok] –

So, what do you think of “The Antidote” so far? Did it live up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media!