Directions & transport


The Simple Plan show in Prague, Czech Republic will be taking place at the “Malá sportovní hala” (a.k.a. Incheba arena) venue. See the location of it within Prague on the map below:

“Malá sportovní hala” is located in the Holešovice area of Prague, and it is a part of the buildings of the Prague Exhibition Grounds. When you arrive to the grounds, the following image may help you find the exact location of the venue (blue/purple rectangular object on the map – no. 18 – see the yellow arrow). As you can see from the picture, Malá sportovní hala lies a bit hidden behind the larger Tipsport Arena. To get to Malá Sportovní hala, you have to go from the left side of the venue through the Prague Exhibition grounds.


There is a number of ways you can use to arrive to the venue. Most popular ones are by a subway or by a tram.


The transport by a subway is by far the quickest and most convenient way to get to the location with just a little walk to the venue. The closest subway station to the venue is called “Nádraží Holešovice” (Holešovice train station) which lies on the red line – C line – of Prague’s subway system (besides the red line, you will also find a yellow line (B) and a green line (A) in Prague’s subway). You can download a full map of Prague’s subway system here.

When you arrive at the “Nádraží Holešovice” station, turn right and follow the street down until the big crossroad, where you need to turn left. Prague’s Exhibition Grounds will then be on your right. See the map on the left for better directions (just follow the blue line on the map; yellow arrow once again points to the venue).

Regarding tickets for public transport – you should be fine with either the 32 CZK ticket (for 90 minutes) or the 24 CZK ticket (for 30 minutes).

It is important to note that the last subway train that can take you back to your hotel on a Saturday leaves the station at 0:15 (direction towards the city center – “Háje”) and 0:29 (direction away from the city center – “Letňany”).

Here are the times of the last subways you may take after the concert ends (about 11pm):

Direction – Háje:
After 11pm – 11:05, 11:15, 11:25, 11:35, 11:45, 11:55
After midnight – 0:05, 0:15

Direction – Letňany:
After 11pm – 11:09, 11:19, 11:29, 11:39, 11:49, 11:59
After midnight – 0:09, 0:19, 0:29

TIP! Save yourself time and nerves and buy your public transport tickets for the trip back BEFORE the show – there tend to be huge crowds and limited amounts of ticket machines available after the show, as most fans want to get back home via subway.


The tram stop is located right in front of the main entrance to the Prague Exhibition Grounds and is called “Výstaviště Holešovice” (Holešovice Exhibition Grounds). You will be able to get on trams no. 12, 17 and 24 or the night trams: 53 and 54.

The night trams (53 and 54) may be your next choice of transportation if you miss your last subway. The night trams go in half an hour intervals throughout the whole night, so you don’t need to worry about getting stranded in an unknown area of Prague.