All Time Low give Simple Plan a shout-out at Montreal show

On January 16th, the Baltimore-based band All Time Low who’s connections to Simple Plan are endless, played a concert in Montreal, Canada. And of course some of the members of Simple Plan could not miss out the chance to see their friends Alex, Zack, Rian and Jack live and went to see them and hung out with them as well. After the show was over, Chuck wrote Jack Barakat a tweet saying:

To a person, who did not attend the show, this message might have sounded a bit weird, but if you check out the following video, you’ll see that All Time Low actually took the time to give a shout-out to Simple Plan in the midst of their concert. This is what the band said:

Jack Barakat: “We have to shout out our friends who are here – Simple Plan! They fucking took us on our first massive Canadian tour and really exposed us to a lot of fans, so thank you!”

Alex Gaskarth: “I actually meant to say the song that we played before we walked up stage – I fucking wrote that song with those dudes! I owe them for that dance party we just had together! And you owe them for all the fucking herpes that you have in Canada… I don’t know if you owe them but they are to blame. They single-handedly gave everyone herpes.”