Sebastien Lefebvre

Full Name: Gaétan-Jean Sébastien Lefebvre Pépin, CSM
Date of birth: June 5th 1981
In band: guitar player and back vocals

Basic information:

Hair color: brown
Eye color: blue
Height: 5’8″
Shoe size: 8
Shirt size: S (small)


Color: blue
Country:: Japan
Food: sushi
Drink: vodka soda with lime
Song: “Unvravel” by Bjork
Movie: Garden State
TV shows: Family Guy, The Simpsons, Dexter, 24, Lost
Book: Harry Potter – J.K.Rowling
First concert ever attended: Reset


Wife: Laurence
Daughter: Clara
Brother: Jay
Sisters: Héloise & Andrée-Anne
Dad: Jean
Mum: Lorraine

What does he like about other SP members?

About Pierre: his hair
About David: his hat
About Chuck: his shape
About Jeff: his head

Other info:

– Sebastien has a radio show on idobi radio with Patrick Langlois called Man Of The Hour
– besides Simple Plan, Sebastien also makes music on his own (released a couple of EPs in the past) and also works as a producer for various artists such as Wilfred Lebouthillier or Andee.
– his first child – daughter Clara – was born in September 2014
– he used to work as a janitor on his high school
– he drives an Audi
– his best memory with Simple Plan was Bell Center and safari in South Africa