Chuck opens up about song-writing struggles on Twitter

Even though Chuck and Pierre, also known as the song-writing duo of Simple Plan, already have about 50 songs ready for the new album (which will be later on downsized to about 11), the guys still keep writing more songs before they enter the studio in January.

But it’s not always sunshine and rainbows in the song-writing process, sometimes one gets stuck and it’s hard to come up with anything. Pierre first mentioned certain struggles two days ago, when he mentioned that the 5th SP album is kicking his ass that day, which “really requires an alcoholic beverage.” Today, Chuck decided to open up about the twosome’s current song-writing struggles in a series of tweets:

Hi! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA these days. It’s been a few tough weeks of songwriting and it really bummed me out. We really want to make something special and amazing for you and we’re pushing ourselves really hard to write the best songs we can. Sometimes it doesn’t work and that really affects me. It’s so frustrating. But it’s part of the process. Every record has been like that. Sometimes you hit a wall. But we’re just gonna keep going and work even harder. It has to be the best SP record yet. Nothing less than that. Let’s start again Monday.

It’s fair to note that just as Chuck mentioned in the tweets – struggles like this do often happen, so there’s no need to worry. For example, Pierre and Chuck shared in their official biography about a similar struggle during the song-writing process of the third, self-titled, album.

If you wanna cheer the guys up a bit, why don’t you go and send them some positive messages via @replies on Twitter!