David’s message against drunk driving

Ever since the release of Still Not Getting Any, one of Simple Plan’s main causes that they are involved in, is the fight against drunk driving. It started with the release of the single Untitled, and most importantly by the accompanying music video, which depicts what impacts can a DUI-related car accident have on not only the victims of the accident, but also on their families and friends. The song was inspired by a personal story of the guys’ high school friend, who (by driving drunk) caused a car accident that killed his best friend.

With this song, Simple Plan started a massive campaign against drunk-driving, and the music video for Untitled has been used countless times by programs like MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), RADD (Recording Artists Actors & Athletes Against Drink Driving) and also the state of Virginia uses the music video to scare off the upcoming holders of driver’s licences.

The previously mentioned program called RADD, particularly its Australian part, has recently released a series of short audio files, all including messages from well-known personalities, asking the listeners not to drink and drive. And because of the recent visit of Simple Plan in Australia, we can now find our own David Desrosiers on one of the files, spreading this important message… and using the word “gig” quite a lot (thanks CSP for the file):

RADD 3241 30 Simple Plan by RADD Australia