Man Of The Hour celebrates 10 years on air!

Exactly 10 years ago on this day, on August 5th 2006, the first ever episode of the Man Of The Hour radio show aired on Idobi radio. Hosted by Patrick Langlois (TV host, former SP merchguy/video/photographer) and Sebastien Lefebvre (Simple Plan), the show aired over 190 episodes of the podcast, which is available on iTunes and on, and over the 10 years has managed to create a worldwide audience of over 125 000 people.

Each episode consists of blocks of music in the alternative/rock genre (but there are always exceptions), which are interspersed with funny anecdotes from the two hosts and various segments, such as ‚As Seen On The Internet‘. Long-time listeners may also remember special MOTH episodes, such Christmas specials, episodes with special guests (e.g. Chuck Comeau, Fred „The Cheese Guy“ Jerome or more recently Chady Awad) or that one time Pat and Seb decided to film the radio show on camera and provide their fans with a video-podcast [see the recap of all the episodes of seasons 1-10 here – I promise I will work on the rest soon]. Every season has also been known for its specific jingle, courtesy of Sebastien’s computer/music skills.

The connection between Sebastien, Patrick and Man of The Hour can be dated all the way back to 2002 [if you look carefully, you can spot Sebastien wearing Man Of The Hour t-shirts in Simple Plan’s first DVD – ‚A Big Package For You‘], however according to a recent interview with Patrick, the name for the show was inspired by the on-going-joke of the 2005 tour with Bowling For Soup, where Patrick would say to anyone who would walk in the room: „There he is, man of the hour!“.

As of right now, Man Of The Hour is in the midst of their 20th season and still going strong, producing a new episode every Wednesday evening at 8pm EST [with a re-run every Sunday at 3pm EST] on Idobi radio.

Let’s wish Man Of The Hour many more decades to go! Thanks for all the jokes and good music, Seb & Pat!