OFFICIAL: Simple Plan to start recording new album on March 1st!

Who says Friday 13th brings bad news? After spilling the beans about of the first upcoming Simple Plan show (in Europe) earlier today, the band has just made another big announcement – this time regarding the beginning of the recording process for their new album, which will start on March 1st!

Check out the official statement that Chuck posted on his Instagram:

It’s official! We will be entering the studio on March 1st to start recording our 5th album. It’s been a long journey to create these songs and we absolutely can’t wait for you to hear them. Thank you all for being so patient. We really hope you will enjoy the new music!

Chuck, Pierre, Jeff, David and Sebastien.

And what exactly does that mean? Since Pierre and Chuck have been working on the new songs for over a year now, they have demo versions of more than 60 songs at the moment, from which the band will most likely choose around 11 which will end up on the record (but usually record a few more just in case). This is where the recording process, where all the band members come together, begins. As for us, in the next 2 weeks we can look forward to lots and lots of updates as there is still a producer to be announced and also the place where Simple Plan will be recording this album. The band has also already made a promise to post lots of pictures and vlogs during the recording process which will help us keep track of it.