Promo trip recap: Simple Plan confirm possible return to Europe in early 2016 and more

The members of Simple Plan spent the last couple of days going from an interview to an interview, promoting their upcoming studio album in Europe. From London to Milan, from Milan to Zurich – the guys visited a number of radio stations and even performed acoustically a couple times there. And while most of the interviews are still yet to be posted, I already went through all those that are already online and decided to sum them up for you. These interviews include those for Radio Popolare, or

There are definitely some topics that can’t be avoided in any interview: all the interviews deal with Simple Plan’s new album with the guys constantly confirming it’s coming out in February 2016. With some of the negative reactions to the fact that some of the released songs were a little too “poppy”, it feels like the guys took it to their hearts to reassure their fans via these interviews that while there will be some experimental tracks on the record, at least half of the album will be consisted of their old-school pop-punk sound with even a couple of the most rock songs they’ve ever written. Not to mention quite a few ballads would be added to the mix.

Regarding the themes in their songs, in the interview for the Serbian Nocturne Magazine, Pierre spoke about about what inspires them to write the songs they write and how it’s not always just their own experience their songs reflect:

“(…) Your music changes along with you. When we started, we were in our late teens or early twenties, and now we are older. Some of us are married and have children. (…) [Our own experience] surely has an impact, but not all our songs are necessarily connected to what’s happening in our lives. Most of them are like that, but sometimes songs come from a completely different perspective. I don’t even know how to explain it. The fact is that we are adults and that some things have changed. The manner in which you live, the way you think and look at it, but not everything is perfect, and we don’t just put out happy songs. Do not forget that on the last album we had a song called “This Song Saved My Life” which can in no way be considered to have happy lyrics. It is a pretty dark song that talks about how music can be important and significant in the life of an individual. Certainly, there will be [both positive and negative songs] on the new album.”

As an addition to that, I’d also like to post a quote from the interview for Corriere Quotidiano, where the band discussed the recent attacks in Paris (as in many other recent interviews) and gave some of their thoughts on the importance of not letting the fear to take over:

We respond to terrorism with music (…) The most important thing is that the music does not stop – to deal with terrorism, I think we should continue to live, not to be terrified – they aim to frighten us and change our lives and make us do what they want.” – Pierre Bouvier

It was in this interview that the band also stated they want to come back to Paris as soon as they can – “probably in January”. This is the first time Simple Plan ever mentioned a particular month of the start of their tour (interestingly, before the release of their album).

Besides the interviews, Jeff also took the time to answer directly to the Simple Plan fans while he was on his promo trip and last night he once again picked up his phone before he fell asleep and decided for another Q&A session on Twitter. This time around, one of the most important answers he gave to one of the fans was the one in which he expressed his wish to release one more song before the album comes out in February. So we may look forward to some new SP music – hopefully very soon!

And finally, in the gallery you’ll find a number of new pictures from SP’s promo trip to Milan, Italy and also Zurich, Switzerland: