RECAP: Pierre on Patrick’s show ‘Ça Commence Bien’

This morning, Simple Plan’s lead singer Pierre Bouvier appeared as a guest on his old friend’s Patrick Langlois’ morning show – ‘Ça Commence Bien’. Thanks to Gabrielle you can now read a recap of what Pierre talked about:

– Pierre discussed the works on the new album – that they’re inspired by the big bands of the 60’s, also with more dance songs – but that they’re all different songs with different styles

– according to Pierre his oldest daughter (Lennon) really listens to the new songs and that’s how he can tell if they’re good or not

– another discussed topic was the Simple Plan Foundation charity golf tournament, which is coming up on August 6th

– and finally he also talked about the recent Reset reunion – saying how he didn’t think it was that different from a Simple Plan show for him cause his energy on stage always stays the same – however it was harder for Chuck (who had to play really fast) and that he was surprised that Reset actually changed some people’s lives considering it was a band he had when he was like 14 years old or so

Check out the gallery for some pictures of Pierre’s appearance on ‘Ça Commence Bien’