Saturday NOT to be featured on Simple Plan’s new album

In the past couple of months, we’ve had quite a lot of new Simple Plan songs coming up, which we assumed would be featured on the upcoming 5th Simple Plan album. And with many of them we were right, however one of the released songs will not be featured on the record after all.

During his late-night Q&A session on Twitter, Chuck revealed that “Saturday”, the first released song from the 70+ songs Simple Plan wrote for their new album, is just a teaser and will not be on the much anticipated Simple Plan album.

In addition to that, Chuck also confirmed that the band is currently in the process of writing “a few more old-school rock songs to include on the new album for [their] old-school fans”. The (yet untitled) album should overall be a mix of pop and rock songs, very fun and in the vibe of their first, second and fourth record.