Simple Plan co-writing with Toby Gad again for album #5!

The list of co-writers that are helping Chuck and Pierre with the songs for Simple Plan’s upcoming fifth studio album just keeps expanding!

The latest addition is a name that will definitely ring a bell to some of you who remember the song-writing process of the last album, because Simple Plan are once again working with Toby Gad, who has helped them write one of the most memorable songs from Get Your Heart On! – that is “This Song Saved My Life” (you may even recall the video from this song-writing process).

Besides working with Simple Plan, Toby has previously worked with many famous artists such as Fergie (“Big Girls Don’t Cry”), Enrique Iglesias, Selena Gomez, The Veronicas, Natasha Bedingfield, BeyoncĂ© and many more.

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