Simple Plan discuss 5th album in a new interview

After they accepted the YMCA Peace medal for their charitable work with the Simple Plan Foundation on Friday, the members of Simple Plan gave an interview to Salut, Bonjour!. In this interview, the band discussed the received award, the benefit event that took place on Sunday and also the status of their upcoming album.

Thanks to Sab, here’s some things the guys mentioned in this French interview:

– Pierre said they’ve been writing songs for about one year now, they have 40-50 of them and “3 of them aren’t that bad.”

– They say that the writing process is as painful as it is fun. But Pierre adds that it’s thank to these “break-through” moments that they end up with the best songs.

– He explains that they are kind of slow to release their albums because they do everything. They don’t have anyone to write the songs for them or anything like some other bands who only have to pick the songs they like. SP write the lyrics, the music, and then they choose the best ones.

– “The waiting is worth it, it comes from us, it’s our ideas, our lives.” – Chuck Comeau