Simple Plan heading back to studio to record final 4 songs

For the past couple of months, Chuck and Pierre worked really hard on some more songs they wanted to add on the new record and the time has come to finally record them as a band.

That’s why after their trip to Mexico, the guys are on their way to Los Angeles, where they will re-enter the studio they left in May, to record the final 4 songs for their new album over the weekend. Both Jeff and Chuck confirmed this today on various social media.

And since we’re on the topic of the new Simple Plan album (who’s title and release date should be revealed next week), I’d like to point out one interesting quote from a recent interview the guys did in Mexico. It seems that while the band have claimed the record would be “half and half” (half old-school SP-sounding songs and half new experimental stuff), there may be even more of that good old old-school pop-punk/rock/you-name-it than we’ve even hoped for. In the forementioned interview, Pierre stated that this album is “The heaviest, the most pop punk album we’ve ever had.” We’re taking your word for that, Pierre! You can check out the interview here.