Simple Plan in the studio with Dark Waves and Stevie Aiello

If you’ve been wondering what the hold up with the new Simple Plan album was, Pierre and Chuck have been busy in the past few weeks working on some more new songs they would like to including on the record. And to get a little help with that, the guys recently reached out to two artists, who are currently in LA – Dark Waves and Stevie Aiello.

Dark Waves is a 1-person indie pop band, consisting of singer/guitar player Nick Long. After releasing a debut EP in 2004 (incl. a single “I Don’t Wanna Be In Love” that was even featured in an episode of The Vampire Diaries), Dark Waves is currently working on his first full-length album.

Now, if there’s some hard core 30 Seconds To Mars fans among you, you may have heard (or even met) Stevie Aiello (full name “Stephen Aiello”) on tour, as for the past couple of years he’s been the touring musician for 30 Seconds To Mars, playing keyboard and bass guitar. Besides that, Stevie is also a song-writer and producer and has worked with the likes of We Are The In Crowd or Lana Del Rey in the past. It was his tweet that revealed his work with Simple Plan and Dark Waves, specifically stating yesterday was his second day in the studio with these two artists. Whether it is just a song-writing collaboration, or there might be some vocal recordings going on, is currently unknown and only time will tell.