Simple Plan premiere the ‘Wake Me Up (When This Nightmare’s Over) music video in support of Ukraine

Simple Plan’s brand new music video for the song ‘Wake Me Up (When This Nightmare’s Over)’ premiered today on Simple Plan’s YouTube channel. The video, directed by Jensen Noen, features Ukrainian cast and crew and its concept depicts the Ukrainian fight for freedom and democracy in their current war against Russian oppression.

Read below what the band had to say about making this video:

“When we saw the first images from the war in Ukraine, we felt so heartbroken and powerless. The impact on young children and families felt especially devastating and made us want to do something to help. The idea to do this video was sparked by discussions with our good friend and Ukrainian filmaker Jensen Noen. We could feel just how important and personal the events in Ukraine were for him and from there, the concept for the video emerged. It was very special to see all these talented Ukrainian actors, actresses, and crew members come together for this cause and create such a moving and emotional music video. We always believed in the power of music and we hope this video can have a positive impact and raise as much money as possible for the people of Ukraine.”
– Simple Plan [Instagram] –

All proceeds from the views of this video will be donated to UNICEF to help the children of Ukraine. Please, watch the full music video for ‘Wake Me Up (When This Nightmare’s Over)’ below and make sure to share it everywhere:

Besides the Ukrainian-themed music video, the band decided to go a bit further in their efforts to spread the word about the current refugee crisis and the war in Ukraine and released a special limited edition t-shirt, which is now available in Simple Plan’s official merch store. All the proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt will go to UNICEF in support of Ukrainian refugees.