Simple Plan reveal tracklist and kick off pre-orders for new album

Today, as a part of their big Friday announcement, Simple Plan revealed the full tracklist of their upcoming album “Taking One For The Team” (coming out on February 19th 2016), which will be the longest Simple Plan album yet!

1. Opinion Overload
2. Boom!
3. Kiss Me Like Nobody’s Watching
4. Farewell
5. Singin’ in the Rain
6. Everything Sucks
7. I Refuse
8. I Don’t Wanna Go to Bed (feat. Nelly)
9. Nostalgic
10. Perfectly Perfect
11. I Don’t Wanna Be Sad
12. P.S. I Hate You
13. Problem Child
14. I Dream About You

Which song are you guys most keen on hearing?

We’re still waiting for the “official announcement” from the band itself, but some countries can already pre-order the album on iTunes:

Australia: iTunes
Germany: iTunes
Italy: iTunes
Canada: iTunes
Brazil: iTunes
USA: iTunes