Simple Plan’s new album to have a “throwback ‘70s feel”

At the Million Meals Movement event that took place last Friday, Simple Plan gave a couple of interviews. And while we still wait for most of them to be released, ET Canada already put out their interview with Chuck and Pierre [see the full picture from the interview in the gallery]. Some of you may be able to watch it on their official website, and because the video is blocked in a couple countries, until somebody uploads it on YouTube, I prepared for you at least a full transcript of this interview.

Update: Here’s a YouTube link to the video:

In this interview, Chuck and Pierre firstly discussed the recent news of another fellow Canadian musician – Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 – who has been hospitalized due to his problems with alcohol. Besides that, the guys also mentioned what it’s like still being in a band after this long, their involvement with Million Meals Movement and finally Pierre also gave out a little hint on what we may expect the new Simple Plan album to sound like. According to him, the album should have a very throwback vibe – and while he doesn’t say it directly in the cut quote in the interview, according to the article by ET Canada that accompanies this interview, this vibe should remind us of the “70s” music.

Check out the full transcript below:

(about Deryck Whibley’s (lead singer of Sum 41) hospitalization due to alcoholism)
Chuck: “It’s crazy, cause being here today in Toronto, cause here it was one of the first big shows we ever played and we opened up for Sum 41.”
Pierre: “With Sum 41, yeah”
Chuck: “And we really came up at the same time. It’s crazy how we, you know, took different direction, you know…”
Pierre: “For me, when I hear the story, it makes me feel very grateful of the guys that I’m with. We’ve had our share of issues, we’ve had our share of party craziness and some fights. But I feel that we’ve always been a tight unit, we have all of our best friends here you know with us all the time. And we go through tough times, and we get through them!”

(about being in a band for so long and still being the same guys)
Pierre: “I think what’s funny is that as much as we’ve changed as people, I think that we’re really pretty similar to what we were when we first got together.”

(about what the new Simple Plan album is going to be like)
Pierre: “We have a good half-record now that we’re pretty stoked about I think. If I could say anything, it’s kind of a throwback – but even though the last record people called a throwback, I’m talking about throw-WAY-back!”

(about Simple Plan’s involvement with Million Meals Movement)
Pierre: “I think it made sense for us. We have our own foundation, that tries to help out kids that are in need and this is obviously feeding kids that don’t have any meals in the morning.”
Chuck: “And when you realize that in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary… all these great cities, where we feel like everybody’s okay.. somewhat, you realize there’s tons of kids who can’t even get to school and have a good breakfast in the morning.”