Simple Plan’s new song “The Heroes” to appear on a soundtrack to a new animated film “La Guerre des Tuques 3D”

Back in June 2015 it was revealed that Simple Plan were recording a new song for a special soundtrack project that was in works. A month later Chuck confirmed that this song was to appear in a film that was a remake of the 80s classic Canadian animated film “The Dog Who Stopped The War” (La Guerre des Tuques). And now we finally have some new exciting and detailed info regarding this project!

It has been announced that the new animated film “La Guerre des Tuques 3D” (“The Dog Who Stopped The War 3D”) will be released on November 13th 2015 in theaters all over Canada [maybe even elsewhere] and the soundtrack for it will be available two weeks earlier – on October 30th to be exact.

The soundtrack’s tracklist has also been revealed now and besides songs from Celine Dion, Marie-Mai or Walk Off The Earth, Simple Plan fans can spot a brand new title for a new Simple Plan song, which is called “The Heroes”. Interestingly it is one of the very few songs with an English title, as the majority of the soundtrack seems to be in French. However there is a strong possibility that it might just be an English version of the song “Les héros” by Jonathan Painchaud (see the tracklist) – just as there are two other English and French versions of songs on the soundtrack – “Liberty”/”Liberté” a “I Am The Wind”/”Je Suis Le Vent” – so it may not be an original song by Simple Plan. Check out the French version of “Les héros” here:

Whether this song would appear on the new Simple Plan album is currently unknown.

Check out the full tracklist below:

1. Je suis le vent (Marie-Mai)
2. Liberté (Groenland)
3. Les héros (Jonathan Painchaud)
4. Amour d’hiver (Louis-Jean Cormier & Marie-Pierre Arthur)
5. L’hymne (Céline Dion & Fred Pellerin)
6. L’amour a pris son temps (Marie-Mai, Groenland, Louis-Jean Cormier, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Fred Pellerin)
7. I Am the Wind (Marie-Mai)
8. Liberty (Groenland)
9. The Heroes (Simple Plan)
10. You’re My Sweater (Walk Off The Earth)
11. Le village (Éloi Painchaud & Jorane)
12. L’école (Éloi Painchaud & Jorane)
13. Les Minis (Éloi Painchaud & Jorane)
14. La bande à Sophie (Éloi Painchaud & Jorane)
15. Général Luc (Éloi Painchaud & Jorane)
16. Le fort (Éloi Painchaud & Jorane)
17. C’est un piège (Éloi Painchaud & Jorane)
18. Le baiser (Éloi Painchaud & Jorane)
19. Dernière bataille (Éloi Painchaud & Jorane)
20. Cléo (Éloi Painchaud & Jorane)
21. Le bugel (Éloi Painchaud & Jorane)
22. Éveil (Éloi Painchaud & Jorane)

You can also check out the first trailer for the movie below: