Simple Plan’s “photobook” to come out in November 2012!

Out of all the projects Simple Plan have been working on, the “photobook” is probably the one that has been promised for the longest time. The first mentions about it come from probably the era of the second album. But it looks like this year we’ll finally see the actual outcome!

Since 2012 is a very important year for Simple Plan, it was the perfect time to make stuff like that finally happen. It’s been exactly 10 years since the five guys from Montreal released their first studio album and not only this band still exists and still releases new albums, most importantly it’s still consisted of the same members, who were there from the very beginning. And let’s be honest – you don’t see that very often in the music industry.

So to celebrate this great success, Simple Plan are working on the forementioned “photobook”, which according to the latest news from TempoMag is supposed to be released in November 2012!

Simple Plan are working with a local publisher called Éditions La Presse and the final version of the book (that should have about 250 pages) should consist of not only photos (yet there sure will be plenty of them – mostly from the archives of Patrick Langlois) but also memorabilia, scrapbooking, articles from the journalist Kathleen Lavoie about Simple Plan’s career from their beginnings to the present day, fans’ letters etc.