Simple Plan’s ‘Taking One For The Team’ album to be released on vinyl

[note: this image is only a mock-up – actual image of the TOFTT vinyl has not been released yet]

For the second time in their career, Simple Plan’s full-length album will be getting a vinyl treatment! That’s right – the band’s latest studio effort, their fifth album ‘Taking One For The Team’ will be released on vinyl.

Simple Plan have not officially confirmed this yet, however Jeff replied to a fans’ tweet today, sneakily hinting on the fact that this is true. The news came in after this information appeared on an online Swedish music store Bengans [big thanks to Alexandra for finding out], which already lists the vinyl version of TOFTT. The vinyl should go on sale on August 5th 2016 and in Sweden, its price is set at 179 Swedish crowns, which equals to approximately 19.3 € or $21.9.

Update: The vinyl also appears to be listen on the norwegian music store

Previously, Simple Plan have released only one full-length album – their self-titled album, which was made on a special orange neon vinyl disc. That was also the only Simple Plan vinyl so far in the classic 12″ size execution. Besides that, six Simple Plan singles have been released on vinyl records – in 7″ size – those were: ‘Addicted’, ‘Shut Up’, ‘Welcome To My Life’ ‘Crazy’ [on a green vinyl disc], ‘Untitled’ and ‘When I’m Gone’. In their recent music video for ‘Singing In The Rain’, the band already touched the subject of vinyls by featuring a fake vinyl record of ‘Singing In The Rain’ – that obviously sparkled some rumors about some new Simple Plan vinyls.

Will you be getting TOFTT on vinyl?