’s interview with Simple Plan’s opening band in Prague: Imodium

In case you have attended Simple Plan’s show in Prague this September, you have probably noticed the opening band – the local Czech band called “Imodium”.

The guys from Imodium were very nice to give me an interview and answer some questions about Simple Plan and their Prague show.

Check out the exclusive interview below:

How exactly did you manage to get to be an opening band for Simple Plan in Prague on their most recent European tour?

Naturally, the first impulse must always come from the band that wants to be a part of a show like this – so our management sent a request for Imodium to be an opening band for Simple Plan. At that point you must also keep communicating with the Czech promoter, who is also your connection to the band’s management. And it was actually quite easy. It just usually takes a while till the main star’s management makes time for you and then you also wait if the band wants to choose the opening band themselves or not. If this was the case of Simple Plan as well, we’ll probably never know. But within a month we got a very nice reply that the band would love to have Imodium as their supporting band. :)

Have you received any feedback on your own show from Simple Plan?

Yes we did! The atmosphere in the backstage was really cool. Nobody was hiding from anybody, nobody was separated. Even when our Thom had to use the bathroom and we found out that the only one was in Simple Plan’s dressing room, he just entered the room, said hi to the band and went to the bathroom :) They are all humans – even the guys from Simple Plan. Anyway, about the feedback itself: our dressing room was right next to the stage, so everybody who went past it always dropped by. Pierre was the first one to show up, shook our hands and said some nice things about our show.

Did you have a chance to meet the band? What do you think about their music and the members? How did you enjoy their show?

Some of us have a few pictures with the guys. There was one funny moment when we were trying to get Pierre and co. to Rock Café to have a little afterparty. He said that the last time they were in Prague they had a few drinks somewhere, but this time they couldn’t because they had to travel to another country the same night! But they really wanted to hang out. They were really nice guys.. :)

You have already had the pleasure of opening for two big Canadian stars here in the Czech Republic: in 2008 for Avril Lavigne and this year for Simple Plan. Can you compare these two shows from the point of view of the opening band? Have you seen any differences in the way the management or the artists acted towards you?

When it comes to Simple Plan, the event had a very relaxed atmosphere. But that’s also because with Simple Plan our band already knew how to approach a show like this. When it comes to Avril, the show was in O2 Arena, which was sold-out – that means almost 15 000 people. It was our first experience with a huge production like that. The behaviour of the management is always the same – very professional. They usually reqire precision and obliging the rules, just like the main artist has to. There is nobody on shows like this who would intentionally try to harm you in any way.

What does performing as Simple Plan’s supporting band mean to you?

Of course a great experience, and also being able to play for people who you hope to (if they’re not already) become your fans too :) The audience’s reaction was beautiful, unexpected. Before we even had to try to force them to clap or something, they did it by themselves! There is never enough of experience like that…