Videochat with Pierre and Chuck

Yesterday (or today, depends of where you’re from) Pierre and Chuck suddenly decided to make a live videochat via twitcam with their fans. Even if you could not attend it (yes, blame time zones), the current technology allows you to watch the videochat via the video below. It’s kind of like a 45-minutes-long interactive vlog. If you’re interested what happened on this videochat without watching it, you can check the notes of the most important things that happened in this video below: 

In this video, we got to know that:

– the boys have already written about 22 songs
David and Jeff are doing fine (that’s a response to all the fans, who’ve been asking what’s going on with the 2 SP members, who don’t have Twitter)
– the guys suppose that they should enter the studio in late February
– Pierre and Chuck promised a US tour (because they didn’t tour there for quite a while)
the new album, on which the guys are currently working on, should include fast and funny songs: something like the first Simple Plan album – No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls
– Chuck mentioned that this record has been his favourite to work on
– the album should also include some serious songs
– there should be also some songs similar to Jump (from SNGA)
the new album will definitely be released next year (2010)
– during the video, Pierre sang Ave Maria, Good Girls Go Bad (originally by Cobra Starship), Hey Jude (originally by The Beatles), Girlfriend (originally by Avril Lavigne) and finally even Holding On (by SP)
– Chuck keeps “whining” about the low amount of his followers on Twitter (Pierre and Sebastien both have way more followers than he does)
– the boys mentioned they liked Seb’s side project and that they loved his version of Can’t Stop Partying
– they would love to tour with bands like All Time Low, McFly, Blink 182, All-American Rejects, Cobra Starship, Boys like Girls or Hedley
– Chuck wants a piece of art for Xmas
– about the promised photobook – it may be a part of a deluxe edition of the upcoming album, but it’s not sure
– during Xmas, the guys are taking a little break from writing, Pierre is going to surf
– they will try to make a new DVD
Chuck is still single
Chuck also announced that he finally got a driving licence(btw: he is 30 years old)
– Chuck definitely doesn’t want any tattooes
– if Pierre had a younger brother, he would like him to look like the Jonas Brothers
– a fan asked Pierre if he ever wanted to also work on a solo-project -Pierre answered that he wanted to, but Chuck wouldn’t let him
– Chuck and Pierre both don’t really like the song 21 Guns by Green Day
– Chuck’s trying to play the guitar in the video