Fan story #2: Viola, Austria’s brand new project “Fan stories” features a series of fans’ submitted memories from their own experience of meeting the members of Simple Plan in the past. You can check out all previously published fan stories here or you can even submit yours here.

Our next fan story has been submitted by Viola from Austria, who you may recall as the girl behind the camera in most of’s interviews. Check out what happened to her back in March of 2012, when she attended Simple Plan’s European tour:


“So, in 2012 a couple of my friends and I decided to do multiple German SP dates. Starting in Hamburg we drove to Berlin, then Cologne and then finally to Munich by car. We had an all-around good time, until right after the show in Cologne when we decided to drive through the night to Munich to get to my friend’s house. For the longest time I was awake and talking to my friend who was driving until I fell asleep right before we were supposed to get into Munich.

I was woken up by the car spinning and crashing into the side of the highway… Someone had rear-ended us (we would never find out who it was, since it was a hit and run) and sent us spinning. When we finally came to a stop the car was totaled, I had a bleeding head wound and a friend of mine’s hip was hurting pretty bad. Luckily, there was a police car close to the accident and the ambulance came in a matter of minutes too. I got taken to the hospital and had to have stitches on my wound, while my friend got x-rayed and checked out. Through some sort of miracle, we weren’t stranded 30 minutes outside of Munich, were able to rent a car and were all released from the hospital that day.

When we finally got to my friend’s house, battered, bruised, shaken and a little bit traumatized we were faced with the decision if we wanted to go to the show that night or not. It was raining, cold and we were all miserable but we decided to go since we had gone through so much to get there. Waiting for soundcheck in the rain was a point where I thought about going back to my friend’s place and just sleep for the rest of the day, but once we got inside the venue all that disappeared.

After a couple of songs the guys came down and all the hardship of the day seemed to have been worth it. They were all so sweet and concerned, we had to tell our story what felt like million times, I was asked if I need ice for my injury (I was pretty badly swollen up, which I honestly didn’t realize at that point). Jeff came up with an amazing nickname “Stitches” which stuck with me for longer than I would have liked if I am honest. They didn’t have to care but they did and that’s one of the main reasons why Simple Plan are my favorite band. Two days later, at the soundcheck in Vienna, Pierre was in the middle of a song when we came into the venue and stopped singing to ask me how my head was – they are amazing and wonderful human beings!”