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Fan story #4: Ondra, Czech Republic

SimplePlan.cz’s brand new project “Fan stories” features a series of fans’ submitted memories from their own experience of meeting the members of Simple Plan in the past. You can check out all previously published fan stories here or you can even submit yours here.

This week’s fan story is brought to you by Ondra from the Czech Republic. Ondra, who often goes by the English version of his name “Andrew” has met Simple Plan several times over the past few years and has been known by the band as “the tall guy”. Check out his own recollection of the first time he’s met SP:


“I’ve been listening to the Canadian band Simple Plan for about 12 to 13 years now and the first time I heard them, it was clear to me that this band is somehow very special and interesting. I didn’t know what the song that kept being played on the radio at that time was called and who the band even was. But when I finally found ut the song was called ‘Welcome To My Life’, I started getting to know something about the artist too.

I think I found out the name of the band from the radio station, or when the musiv video was played on TV and one day I tried looking up Welcome To My Life online and was finally able to listen to more songs are really get to know how special this band was.

I never knew that American (sic!) bands tour all around the world, so I always thought that if I were to ever see them play live, I would have to travel to the U.S. The hardest moment for me was when I found out Simple Plan were to play in Prague, Czech Republic and I wasn’t able to come. I couldn’t attend the second show in Prague either because of school stuff but I knew that after I was done with school, I would enjoy shows so much more.

The photo I enclosed is from my very first Simple Plan show at the one-day festival called Rock’n Heim in Germany (2015). This festival is carved into my memory as an incredible experience, since I traveled all across Germany to see Simple Plan and seven more bands, including Linkin Park.

A day on the road can be hectic for various reasons. It took us a while to find our accommodation and I also still didn’t know whether I was meeting Simple Plan or not. That’s why I was jumping for joy when I got a text from Dominika (SimplePlan.cz), who told me I would be attending the meet & greet with Simple Plan there! And that day of great news continued when I got a reply from Chuck on Twitter.

The impossible became reality! From the moment I entered the festival grounds, I started searching for where the meet & greet with Simple Plan would be taking place. The security and the festival’s promoters told me that I was making stuff up, so I decided to go to the merch stand and just waited till anybody arrived. A few minutes later fans started gathering around the merch area, so I started to relax. After that, Sim from Simple Plan’s crew got there and organized the whole meeting with the band and after about 15 minutes, we were able to enter the backstage area.

My first impression of seeing the guys stand beside me was truly incredible. It seemed as if we’ve known each other already. I loved how Chuck immediately informed me that he just wrote me on Twitter and the rest of the guys were also very friendly and willing to chat to everyone.

The fans were alright but my favorite moment was when the guys came up on the stage, started playing Jet Lag and Pierre pointed at me several times and Seb kept saying stuff like: “I hope you guys get front row… buy YOU will probably see anyway, since you’re so tall!”

Fan story #3: Kayla, Canada

SimplePlan.cz’s brand new project “Fan stories” features a series of fans’ submitted memories from their own experience of meeting the members of Simple Plan in the past. You can check out all previously published fan stories here or you can even submit yours here.

This week we continue with our next fan story, that has been submitted by Kayla from Canada, who met Simple Plan in 2015 and 2017. In her story, she recounts her meetings with the members of Simple Plan and how she managed to get something signed by David at a pizza party despite him not attending them:


“Ever since I was 3 or 4 I have been a huge fan of Simple Plan. When Warped Tour back in 2015 came around, I stood in a long line to meet Simple Plan for the first time. I hung out with Seb & David for an hour and we talked about everything and how much I love their music :) I asked them if they would ever play in Canada, as of that’s where I am from and they made a promise that they would come back.

Months passed and I found out Simple Plan was playing in Windsor, Ontario and I thought I would never win tickets as of the thought I never win anything… But I entered a contest at a radio show and in the middle of class I got a call saying I won 2 free tickets to see my favorite band. I went to the concert but only stayed a little.

A few more months have passed and my mom found out Simple Plan was coming to London, Ontario as of that I thought I would never see them again. I got a call saying that I was not only seeing them but going backstage to meet them. November came, but since Pierre had something going on, they had to reschedule the concert to March. March came and I’ve seen my idols in concert. I cried when they sang ‘This Song Saved My Life’ and ‘Perfectly Perfect’.

The time went by and I finally got to meet Simple Plan again but got to take more pictures. When I met Seb, he remembered me from Warped Tour and that I also hit him in the face with a beach ball on stage. I cried and he hugged me and asked why I was crying. I said “You guys are my heroes and you guys saved my life many times.” He was touched by my message.

When I found out David doesn’t attend the VIP parties, I started crying because he is my favorite member of Simple Plan. So my mom talked to a crew member to see if David could sign my poster. He then came back 20 minutes later with my poster and it said: “Kayla, Stay Strong” :) I was so happy I was crying.

The time came to where I got to meet Jeff and we had some heart to heart conversations and we got to know each other more and more. I also met Pierre and I had some funny moments with him. I met Chuck and he said he remembered me from Warped Tour and we stood and talked. I gave them each a stuffed animal and they were touched that I thought to give them something, plus a poster I hand-made with pictures of me & them on it from Warped Tour. The time came to take the group photo with the band – I was last because there was such a big line. When I got up there, I only had a t-shirt on and they thought I would freeze outside because it was still winter and it was very cold out. Seb offered me his sweater, but I did not take it because I felt like I would be taking his sweater home and forget to give it to him. I then got offered to go to the tour bus to visit David but I was too nervous and had anxiety and it was a drive to go back home. I told them next time. They were all so funny and sweet to me :) I am happy I met them not once but twice :) maybe if they come back to London, Ontario I can meet them again.”

Fan story #2: Viola, Austria

SimplePlan.cz’s brand new project “Fan stories” features a series of fans’ submitted memories from their own experience of meeting the members of Simple Plan in the past. You can check out all previously published fan stories here or you can even submit yours here.

Our next fan story has been submitted by Viola from Austria, who you may recall as the girl behind the camera in most of SimplePlan.cz’s interviews. Check out what happened to her back in March of 2012, when she attended Simple Plan’s European tour:


“So, in 2012 a couple of my friends and I decided to do multiple German SP dates. Starting in Hamburg we drove to Berlin, then Cologne and then finally to Munich by car. We had an all-around good time, until right after the show in Cologne when we decided to drive through the night to Munich to get to my friend’s house. For the longest time I was awake and talking to my friend who was driving until I fell asleep right before we were supposed to get into Munich.

I was woken up by the car spinning and crashing into the side of the highway… Someone had rear-ended us (we would never find out who it was, since it was a hit and run) and sent us spinning. When we finally came to a stop the car was totaled, I had a bleeding head wound and a friend of mine’s hip was hurting pretty bad. Luckily, there was a police car close to the accident and the ambulance came in a matter of minutes too. I got taken to the hospital and had to have stitches on my wound, while my friend got x-rayed and checked out. Through some sort of miracle, we weren’t stranded 30 minutes outside of Munich, were able to rent a car and were all released from the hospital that day.

When we finally got to my friend’s house, battered, bruised, shaken and a little bit traumatized we were faced with the decision if we wanted to go to the show that night or not. It was raining, cold and we were all miserable but we decided to go since we had gone through so much to get there. Waiting for soundcheck in the rain was a point where I thought about going back to my friend’s place and just sleep for the rest of the day, but once we got inside the venue all that disappeared.

After a couple of songs the guys came down and all the hardship of the day seemed to have been worth it. They were all so sweet and concerned, we had to tell our story what felt like million times, I was asked if I need ice for my injury (I was pretty badly swollen up, which I honestly didn’t realize at that point). Jeff came up with an amazing nickname “Stitches” which stuck with me for longer than I would have liked if I am honest. They didn’t have to care but they did and that’s one of the main reasons why Simple Plan are my favorite band. Two days later, at the soundcheck in Vienna, Pierre was in the middle of a song when we came into the venue and stopped singing to ask me how my head was – they are amazing and wonderful human beings!”

Fan story #1: Paola, Mexico

SimplePlan.cz’s brand new project “Fan stories” features a series of fans’ submitted memories from their own experience of meeting the members of Simple Plan in the past. Check out how you can submit yours here or simply enjoy reading other fans’ stories!

The first fan story we decided to show you has been submitted by Paola from Mexico and features her recent experience with SP at the show in Mexico City in July 2016:


“Everything started when Jeff asked on Twitter if someone could help him with a guitar pick design. I’m a graphic designer so I decided I should give it a try. I worked on some ideas and sent them to him. He actually ended up writing back and telling me he liked my ideas but wanted me to work on them a little more. At the end he told me even though he had liked my work, he wouldn’t be able to use it in his guitar pick but told me he would still offer me tickets and a chance to meet the band (at that moment they hadn’t announced any show in my city) – I was kind of disappointed but happy I had that opportunity.

So that happened in February, months passed and finally the announcement of a Mexican tour in July was here. I was so excited I immediately wrote him back asking if he was gonna keep his promise, he assured me he would and asked me to remind him when the date of the show was coming closer. So I did, he was always really nice, asked me for my name and days before the show he wrote back telling me my tickets would be at the ticket booth of the venue. He didn’t offer me to meet the band but I was really excited anyway – it was going to be my 6th SP show but the very first full SP show I was attending with my BFF.

Finally, the day arrived, we went straight to the ticket booth… but THERE WERE NO TICKETS UNDER MY NAME! I remember feeling very disappointed / angry, but then I thought the guys weren’t like that and he would never do that to their fans, so I decided to send him a DM, telling him about how my tickets weren’t there and how disappointed I was. After like half an hour, which I felt took like forever, he wrote me very surprised that there were no tickets for me and even sent me a pic of a computer screen with the guest names on it. Someone from the staff had made a mistake and wrote my name incorrectly and actually changed my first name from Paola to Pablo. He was really sorry and apologized for the mistake. He ended up sending Sim, their tour manager, to look for me outside the venue. When I met Sim he went with me to pick up my tickets and gave me two cloth stickers that said “after show”. We were really excited but confused: Was that sticker going to give us access to the postgame? I wasn’t sure so I had to write him back again and ask him. He said it was!! I remember we were excited, I’m pretty sure I started jumping and shouting in the street. I have been dreaming of that moment for a very long time now, and finally the moment had arrived.

So we enjoyed the show and after it we went side-stage to where people with post game access were making a line – we couldn’t believe what was happening to us. Everything was perfect until moments before entering the room where pizza party was taking place, there was a security guy from the venue checking that everyone who were entering were wearing the post game bracelet, which btw my friend and I didn’t have. He stopped us and asked to see our bracelets, I tried to explain him what had happened but of course he couldn’t believe a word I was saying. At that moment I thought that was it and we were going to be kicked out, but I managed to call Chady from the other side of the hall, he heard me and came to me, I explained him everything and asked me to wait there while he talked to Jeff. A minute after that I saw the band coming, Jeff saw me and immediately said hi, hugged me and took us inside the pizza party. That moment was epic, he was nothing but nice to me and my bff. He even made me feel ashamed by making a joke about how I was so angry writing him on twitter when I had no tickets. We talked and laughed a lot about everything that had happened. All the guys in the band are amazingly kind, they are all very humble and down to earth, maybe even more than I had imagined.

Since that day he has been nothing but nice to me, he actually even recognized me on the last soundcheck and pizza party they held at my city. I think it’s pretty amazing how great human beings they are and all what happened made me love them and admire them even more.”