Fan story #3: Kayla, Canada’s brand new project “Fan stories” features a series of fans’ submitted memories from their own experience of meeting the members of Simple Plan in the past. You can check out all previously published fan stories here or you can even submit yours here.

This week we continue with our next fan story, that has been submitted by Kayla from Canada, who met Simple Plan in 2015 and 2017. In her story, she recounts her meetings with the members of Simple Plan and how she managed to get something signed by David at a pizza party despite him not attending them:


“Ever since I was 3 or 4 I have been a huge fan of Simple Plan. When Warped Tour back in 2015 came around, I stood in a long line to meet Simple Plan for the first time. I hung out with Seb & David for an hour and we talked about everything and how much I love their music :) I asked them if they would ever play in Canada, as of that’s where I am from and they made a promise that they would come back.

Months passed and I found out Simple Plan was playing in Windsor, Ontario and I thought I would never win tickets as of the thought I never win anything… But I entered a contest at a radio show and in the middle of class I got a call saying I won 2 free tickets to see my favorite band. I went to the concert but only stayed a little.

A few more months have passed and my mom found out Simple Plan was coming to London, Ontario as of that I thought I would never see them again. I got a call saying that I was not only seeing them but going backstage to meet them. November came, but since Pierre had something going on, they had to reschedule the concert to March. March came and I’ve seen my idols in concert. I cried when they sang ‘This Song Saved My Life’ and ‘Perfectly Perfect’.

The time went by and I finally got to meet Simple Plan again but got to take more pictures. When I met Seb, he remembered me from Warped Tour and that I also hit him in the face with a beach ball on stage. I cried and he hugged me and asked why I was crying. I said “You guys are my heroes and you guys saved my life many times.” He was touched by my message.

When I found out David doesn’t attend the VIP parties, I started crying because he is my favorite member of Simple Plan. So my mom talked to a crew member to see if David could sign my poster. He then came back 20 minutes later with my poster and it said: “Kayla, Stay Strong” :) I was so happy I was crying.

The time came to where I got to meet Jeff and we had some heart to heart conversations and we got to know each other more and more. I also met Pierre and I had some funny moments with him. I met Chuck and he said he remembered me from Warped Tour and we stood and talked. I gave them each a stuffed animal and they were touched that I thought to give them something, plus a poster I hand-made with pictures of me & them on it from Warped Tour. The time came to take the group photo with the band – I was last because there was such a big line. When I got up there, I only had a t-shirt on and they thought I would freeze outside because it was still winter and it was very cold out. Seb offered me his sweater, but I did not take it because I felt like I would be taking his sweater home and forget to give it to him. I then got offered to go to the tour bus to visit David but I was too nervous and had anxiety and it was a drive to go back home. I told them next time. They were all so funny and sweet to me :) I am happy I met them not once but twice :) maybe if they come back to London, Ontario I can meet them again.”